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Wet Clay Wet Clay Wet Clay Wet Clay Wet Clay Wet Clay

On 05, Apr 2013 | In | By Adam Rogers

Wet Clay

Complete branding (including identity, packaging, web, and photography) for a company called Wet Clay, which specializes in laser cut accessories created from reclaimed and up-cycled leathers.

The branding for Wet Clay started with the juxtaposition of hand-crafted and machine manufactured qualities in mind. Keeping this in mind, I also wanted to highlight the fact that these accessories are born from reclaimed materials. All materials needed to be simple yet high in quality, and all collateral needed to be relatively inexpensive and easily reproduced and packaged.

Company Background:

The name “Wet Clay” stems from the idea of being mold-able and open to infinite possibilities. This is a philosophy that carries through many aspects of the Wet Clay brand, striving not to be limited when creating unique designs and products.

The Wet Clay brand was created from a desire to make beautiful products out of materials that would otherwise go unused. This project began in 2011 when Bre Walters was working at a high end furniture store in Savannah, Ga. It quickly became a goal to find a use for all of the discontinued leather samples that had to be discarded. All of the Wet Clay cuff bracelets are made of reclaimed, top grain upholstery leather; and because each piece of leather is unique no two bracelets are exactly alike.

* launched April 2013.


Wet Clay Story from Emily Tolan on Vimeo.