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The Dapper Dog The Dapper Dog The Dapper Dog The Dapper Dog The Dapper Dog The Dapper Dog

On 14, Nov 2012 | In | By Adam Rogers

The Dapper Dog

Featured on Packaging of the World & The Dieline

2013 Student Silver ADDY® Winner (National)
2013 Student Gold ADDY® Winner (District 7)
2013 Student Gold ADDY® Winner (Savannah)
2013 Gold SCADDY Award Winner
2013 ADAA Session II Semifinalist
2013 Applied Arts Awards – Design/Packaging – Series

The Dapper Dog is a spiffy line of dog grooming products, created to bridge the gap between the mainstream market and luxury products. Enthusiastic pet owners – prepare to swoon.

The Dapper Dog is a brand of dog grooming products inspired by the most enthusiastic of dog owners. This line is imagined to bridge the gap between the mainstream market and higher end, luxury brands. In contrast to the more serious and sophisticated appearance of the products are the names and product descriptions. The brand features products such as “The Usual” all purpose shampoo, the “Lookin’ Sharp” collar & leash set, and “Swanky Stuff” pomade, for all those pompadour pooches.

Exotic scents and flavors, such as the “Mint Julep” pomade ensure that pet owners will be intrigued and invested in a retail environment, encouraging exploration throughout the various brand’s products.

Brand Story:

Most dogs live to chase tail and feel the wind in their fur. Others are more concerned with how well their collar matches their coat. Some dogs, however, enjoy all of the qualities that life has to offer. These dogs aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty, and then after a hard day’s work enjoy a nice hot oatmeal bath. They look forward to an appointment at the groomer as much as a day on the lake. These dogs are Dapper Dogs. Tough yet refined, playful but sophisticated. Fetch is a game best played with a freshly conditioned coat, so take your leash off and let your tongue hang out. Dapper Dogs play hard, but they do it in style.