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De Boles Gluten Free Pasta De Boles Gluten Free Pasta De Boles Gluten Free Pasta De Boles Gluten Free Pasta

On 08, Nov 2012 | One Comment | In | By Adam Rogers

De Boles Gluten Free Pasta

A built-in portion control packaging concept for De Boles line of gluten free pasta.

This project required the re-packaging of a product currently on the market. My focus was on the gluten free line of pasta products by De Boles. In order to revamp the entire image, I rethought the logo and updated the feel of the company as  a whole. I took the old Italian world feel and made it a bit more contemporary, engineered a built-in portioning system, as well as the ability to reseal the package, two features unique to most pasta packaging.


  1. I love the way you display your designed.. I am currently working on getting my designs photographed in a more appealing fashion.

    If you could check out some of my designs.. I did past labels as well.. and give me any feedback you might have.. that’d be great!


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