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The Contract – Part 1: Proposals

On 22, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Business, Design | By Adam Rogers

Beginning a new relationship with a client is both exciting and nerve wracking. This could be one of the most fun projects you’ll ever work on, but weaving through those initial conversations can be intimidating. In school I would always hear terms like “proposal” and “contract” thrown around and the only one that was ever really elaborated on was the contract. Now, I know that a “proposal” seems pretty self explanatory but as a fresh designer (and even for some of the more seasoned ones) it seems like a rather large fish to fry.

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The Contract – Intro

On 15, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Business | By Adam Rogers

You’ve gotten a new client. Yeeeeeees! It’s a great project, super fun and the client is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Score! You’ve actually enjoyed the whole experience from beginning to end and there were virtually no headaches. Hallelujah. All clients should be like this. Quick to respond, very agreeable and detailed. Time to wrap it up.
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In Design

By Adam Rogers

Love to Hate, No More?

On 08, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Design | By Adam Rogers

Yesterday (April 7th, 2014), one of every designer’s favorite fonts to hate was revamped by designer Craig Rozynski (An Australian digital designer in Japan). The results? A version of Comic Sans that has straightened itself up, combed its hair and put on a loosely knotted tie.

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Blogging(s) Hard

On 01, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Wild Card | By Adam Rogers

I decided that some of my free time would be better spent doing something productive, let’s say blogging for instance. Seems easy enough. And it’s great, because I get to do some of my favorite things: talk, talk about art & design, show some love to fellow artists & designers, and cover some “Wild Card” topics (like food or fitness). Piece of (sweet potato) cake.

Oh, really?

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2013 Gold SCADDY Winner!

On 26, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Award, Branding | By Adam Rogers

The Dapper Dog has received one of SCAD’s coveted Gold SCADDY Awards for Package Design!

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WIP – Wet Clay

On 26, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Branding, Packaging, Video | By Adam Rogers

My most recent project is the complete branding and packaging for a new company called Wet Clay, specializing in upcycled leather accessories. Read more…

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The Dapper Dog Featured!

On 13, Jan 2013 | One Comment | In Branding, Packaging | By Adam Rogers

This line of dog grooming products (including products such as shampoos, pomades and breath mints) targets spoiled pampered pets.

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